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Alternative Breakfast Programs

EAT Breakfast, This breakfast program was implemented as a trial run about two and a half years ago. We currently have 6 schools using this model with Peoria Elementary just joining the program the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year. The BIC model (breakfast in the classroom) didn’t work very well for us. It was very labor intensive, increased food waste, limited menu (variety), bugs in classrooms, unhappy administration and the list goes on. These problems led us to find something better.
We decided to make 2 alternative breakfast lines in the cafeteria with the same options as the regular school menu. Each breakfast line has 2 sides, allowing 4 total lines for breakfast. This model creates a very fast line with still 2 options for meals. We are able to more accurately get a feel for how many students are eating to eliminate waste. Overall most of our schools on the program have either doubled or tripled breakfasts served just within the first week or two of starting the new model.

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