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Excerpt from Summer 2017 Nutrition Link:

Increase Culinary Creativity with "Chopped" Staff Challenges

A major benefit of attending conferences, such as ANC or FNCE®, is creative ideas for
menus and meal service. Foster a creative environment for recipe ideas by hosting your own
“chopped” recipe challenge for staff. Nutrition Link recently asked Chef Monica Coulter for
tips on staging an event for staff. She noted that the multiple benefits include
• team building,
• generating new ideas,
• encouraging creativity, and
• exposing staff to new and different foods.
Chef Monica also shared several tips for a “chopped” success:
• Sandwiches work well for the challenge
o Student favorite
o Can be hot or cold
o Quick to prepare
• Give the teams fun names – super heroes, cartoon characters, school mascots

( find out more tips, see page 4 of the Summer 2017 Nutrition Link)


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